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Actor Emma Thompson in Dallas

Submitted by on February 4, 2011 – 3:43 am

British Actress Emma Thompson’s love of tea has been well documented.
The Academy award-winning actress loves a good cuppa – she has said her favorite teas are from Williamson & Magor, a British tea company that has been around since 1869, and she shared with The Observer that she is “absolutely fascistic about how my tea is made.”
She was asked by the Telegraph in 2007 to “name something you truly believe in.”  Her answer,  which  would have delighted any tea enthusiast was: “The restorative powers of tea.”
When Emma Thompson visited Dallas last fall to promote her movie, “Nanny McPhee Returns,” Tea in Texas representatives were thrilled to have the chance to meet her. Ms. Thompson signed copies of her book at a Dallas Museum of Art event, in which she also answered questions about the book and movie.
At the book signing, a young tea drinker presented her with a copy of  Tea in Texas magazine and a Texas Teaball with a cowboy boot charm.
“Tea! You know me so well,” she said.
Here is another quote from the article that tea lovers will appreciate. “I always start my day in the same way. I am devoted to tea; it’s something I’ve always loved ever since I was really quite little,” she was quoted as saying in a January 29, 2006 The Observer article. “ I remember my mother singing, ‘Tea, tea, oh it makes a new woman of me’, when I was young.”