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Submitted by on June 19, 2012 – 3:38 am

Zhi Tea talks iced tea innovations

Born under the blazing Texas sun, Zhi Tea knows about heat. Founded in 2007, Austin’s premier organic tea company has been helping tea lovers stay cool for years. This summer, Zhi is launching a brand new line of Cold Steeping Kits. Now, everyone can make Zhi Iced Tea effortlessly!

“June was National Iced Month. While we don’t ever need an ‘official’ reason to drink iced tea here at Zhi, it was the perfect time to encourage others to start thinking about healthy ways to enjoy the summer and to launch our cold steeping kits” says Dr. Oolong (a.k.a Zhi Cofounder Jeffrey Lorien). “Not only is iced tea refreshing and delicious, research connects tea to mood, weight management and helping your body maintain healthy cells and tissues (think sunburns!). When one packs their bag for the beach, we hope there’s some amazing organic iced tea next to the sunblock, the frisbee and their favorite book.”

Cold steeping is quickly becoming popular in homes, offices, and cafes. It’s easy, practically impossible to over steep, and has an incredibly long fridge life. It stays good for 7-10 days (if one can resist drinking it! ). Delicious, smooth and non-astringent, cold steeped iced tea is an intelligent and luxurious way to stay hydrated this season. Plus, with cold steeping, one doesn’t need to even turn on the stove or heat the kettle! “It’s Texas. It’s summer. Enough said,” says Lorien.

While the yield of a half gallon per ounce of dry tea is lower with cold steeping than hot steeping, the resulting drinking experience is far more refreshing and delicious due to the absence of tannins in this new and exciting method. Also, the unbleached filter pouch can be reused for another batch, as there is still a lot of life left in the leaves after a cold steeping session. So reuse them!

Zhi’s Cold Steeping Kits come in 5 favorite iced teas: Classic Black, Hibiscus Mint, White Blueberry, Cherry Sencha Green, and Fredericksburg Peach. “We wanted to present a cross-section of everyone’s favorites and the most thirst quenching, evocative blends in a convenient format”, explained Zhi’s Creative Director Jessica Evans. “We took polls on Facebook and offered free tastings in our Gallery and at events to choose our starting line. I love coming home to a pitcher of iced tea that has been steeping while I’m at work. Hint: overnight works great too!”

Each Kit contains four 1 oz filter pouches of tea and makes four half-gallon pitchers. If you have never cold steeped before, be assured it’s easy and fun. To cold steep, one simply puts a pre-measured pouch of their chosen tea into their favorite pitcher. Then, fill it with water, place it in the fridge, steep for the recommended number of hours, and voilà! Your tea is ready.  No measuring tools, water thermometers or tea pot needed!
This season, Zhi invites you to Pause, Reflect and Connect. “Take care of yourself, share with family and friends, and join in the global community of tea,” says Lorien. “Dr. Oolong recommends it”, he says with a grin.