I found a list of places on your website that told where Tea in Texas was sold.  Teapot Depot in Highlands is a favorite place of mine to eat, and so I went there for lunch and bought a copy.  It is now on its way to my cousin in Georgia.

– Diane Gillet

Dear Tea in Texas,
The 2009 weather is finally getting a little cooler, it’s been so hot in Waller County. (too many days  over 100F) “Uncle Sam” visited this July, handing out bottle water to passer-bys and customers,  it was 104F. What fun! Thanks for sending us visitors.
Joan Douglas

Texas Special Tea Shoppe
As we know, what goes around, comes around.  When I was a youngling, tea with my Mima was precious time, her teacups, her manners… now I am Mima to 2 precious baby girls that admire my teas with such devotion. Your magazine is a great source for all things tea, thanks for sharing your lovely stories. We will be visiting Salado on our next trip.

-S. Castro     Houston, TX

After coming across your web site, would love to receive your magazine. Are past issues available for purchase?   Would appreciate any information you could send me. So many places to visit. Congratulations on a fine endeavor.

– Thanks…..Carol,    Iowa

I absolutely love having the Tea in Texas magazine on-line. In today’s era, if it isn’t on-line, I usually don’t make time to read it.

Thanks, Pat Aguirre-Flynn

Thank you so much for supporting our 2008 Herb Day Symposium with donated issues. Many folks requested the words to the poem, “I Need My Tea”. Lois Jean Howard has kindly agreed to share her complete poem on our website www.herbsociety-stu.org Need My Tea

For tea is our comfort,
Our solace in life.
Each cup will bring gladness
And wipe away strife
I love my tea
It comforts me

Hope you feel a smile coming on, as you take a soothing sip of your own tea.  Enjoy!
-Benée Curtis, The Herb Society of America  South Texas Unit

Wow!!!! Finally I just picked up a copy of the first issue at Rice Epicurean on Post Oak Lane on my lunch break. I am very impressed, and will share my copy  (may even pick up more copies tomorrow) with my chapter of the Red Hat Society and my friends in the Houston Hat Net. Thank you so much!
-Marie Christopher

I had a customer coming by Thursday afternoon and I gave her the “Tea” magazine. Her daughter collects tea cups  nd she has one for her daughter for Christmas. She was thrilled and was going to give her the magazine with the tea  up!  I’m sure they will make memories at all the shops in Central Texas.
-Cara Sliva, caterer

Lovely… my guests are always inquiring of where to take tea. This is a perfect guide for them… Well done. TEAinTEXAS is well received, we need more!
-Tracy, The Houstonian Spa & Club Concierge

This afternoon I joined three friends at my favorite tea room Serenitea in the Sugar Land area (ad on page 3 March 07).  On the way out
I picked up your new magazine Tea in Texas and wanted to write to say THANK YOU!  I thoroughly enjoyed
the magazine and all the information and beautiful pictures inside.  It truly was a treat to sit down and read it including every single advertisement.
Now I have many new places to visit and appreciate having this as a resource.  I look forward to the next issue and wish you the very
best with this venture.  I know there are other tea enthusiasts like me out there.
– Jeannette Spain