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Anita Barrera / Brenda Preuss

 It's Tea Time in Texas Y'all!

With years of blending experience for our clients, we truly believe that practice makes perfect. It's a passion that you can taste in every cup of our specialty  teas. Our techniques have been tweaked and the focus of the business has been strengthened.

We are proud to say that we hold true to the company mission while expanding our Texas pride. We import our gourmet teas direct from the world's finest tea growing regions while sourcing herbs and spices locally.

TEAinTEXAS has a strong passion for the pursuit of the perfect Texas cuppa. We recommend visiting a Tea Room in Austin, Houston or Dallas, but your kitchen table is a great place to make TEA memories too. Shop now for our latest artisan blends created in small batches. 

 TEAinTEXAS loves to SHARE... partnering with specialty shops and offering tea education keeps us lovin' what we do. Contact us to carry TEAinTEXAS at your retail outlet or let us give a tea lecture to your group.

It's our local pursuit of happiness - please support the loyal shops that carry TEAinTEXAS products, there is nothin' like Texas hospitalitea- always stop and shop locally. Let's keep our state going strong. 

To all of you, from all of us - Thank you and Tea Blessings!