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Learn how to blend your own tea!  

Each participant will enjoy an individual learning experience as they create their own tea blend with fresh base teas, herbs, and spices.

The workshop will highlight the types of teas, health benefits of teas and the history of tea. 

Each participant will have a workstation with a mixing bowl, spoon, and paper tea filters. A teacup and saucer will be provided to steep and enjoy your personal custom tea blend. 



$30.00 per person (a minimum of 20 attendees) 

 A complimentary green tea will be served:  

Austin Weirdness – a Jasmine green tea with lavender and mint bursting with antioxidants. 

You will have an opportunity to blend 2 - 3 custom tea blends and enjoy with a complementary sweet treat. 


 Please contact us for your upcoming event.