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Panhandle Pear


Black/Green Blend

Grab your friends and steep a pot of our refreshing Panhandle Pear. While sipping this unique blend of black and green tea, you can envision the vast prairies, tumbleweeds, and canyons where pear trees grow. That’s how we do Tea Time in Texas.


Black tea, green tea, flavor, mate green, nettle leaves, manna, pear and peach pieces, peach rice flour, sunflower and blackthorn petals, red currants, guarana seeds, Vitamin C.

3 oz. tube steeps 30-40 cups of tea


Customer Reviews

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Alamo Apricot Tea Soda

Amazing experiment, thumbs up! Tea sodas are simple to make. Bonus: You can make your tea soda with less sugar than regular carbonated sodas for a low-calorie refresher.
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Houston Hero Tea Latte

Houston Hero Tea Latte

Hot tea is a perfect match for steamed milk in the very popular Houston Hero Latte, our take on the London Fog. We’ve enjoyed our tea with a splash of milk for as long as we can remember and this frothy spin takes a simple cup of tea to the next level.
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Pecan Praline Scone

Pecan Praline Scone

With so much conflicting recipes out there, it can be confusing to know where to start to make a scone. But making the most of what we’ve got at home can become second nature.
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